Located in Tipton County Tennessee, the Brighton ARP Church is the result of a merger of 2 older churches, Blloomington and Mt Paran . It was organized on April 25, 1896 by the Memphis and Lousiville Presbytery and is now a church in a church of Mississippi Valley Presbytery. Both Bloomington and Mt Paran were daughter churches of Salem.

In 1896 the two churches merged to form the Brighton Church, the building at Bloomington was taken down and moved to Brighton, whereit was used for the next 27 years. A brick building was constructed in 1923 and was used until a brick bulding replaced it in 1938. The present church building was completed in 1941 and the educational wing was added in 1953.   In 1991 a spacious fellowship hall was built adjacent to the church. The pipe organ in the sanctuary and the beautiful stained glass windows lend to a worshipful experience of our Lord. Much more important than the rich history and beautiful buildings is the presence and power of God in the life of a church and its members.

We desire to be the kind of church family which impacts our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In everything we do, we seek to fulfill Jesus’ command of Matthew 5:16; “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” The Brighton Church has sought to be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ throughout its history. This consistency can be seen in our love and view of the authority of God’s Holy Word in the lives of Christians, regardless of the year or situation. Just as our Lord never changes, so shall His Word stand the test of time. We have also stressed the need for each believer to put their faith into action in our everyday living situations. Come and participate with us in the worship, work and fellowship of the Brighton Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. We would love to have you come and be a part of our church family.

Pastor of Brighon ARP

Rev W.H. Millen from 1896-1907.

Rev John Laurense from 1907-0908.

Rev David P. Pressly from 1908-1912.

Rev W.A.M. Plaxco from 1912-1920.

Rev John L. Boyd from 1920-1927.

Rev Robert T. Kerr from 1928-1933.

Rev L.P. Knox from 1935-1942.

Rev Paul Sherrill from 1944-1948.

Rev Palmer Steele from 1948-1965.

Rev Earl Linderman from 1965-1970.

Rev James A. Hunt from 1971-1979.

Rev Gilbert H. Rowell from 1980-1993.

Rev Steve Hardy from 1993-2006.

Rev Dr. Meredith Cavin from 2007-2015.