Looking for a Church?

We invite you To come and Look us over:

Your decision to unite with a church should receive prayerful and thoughtful consideration. It means: A Declaration: Of faith. The church member is one who has personally accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lordů.

Of discipleship: The Christian is one who gives evidence of his/her faith by his life. To this end, God has given to each believer the Holy Spirit as the indwelling presence to direct the believer that Jesus Christ may be honored in every relationship.

Taking the step

 All who unite with the church are received by the Session and are publicly welcomed by the congregation.

 There are three ways to unite with our church: by Profession of faith; Those who have never received Jesus as Savior and Lord make a declaration of their faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord; by Reaffirmation of faith; Those who have previously made a profession of faith but have been out of fellowship with their previous church for a lengthy period of time; Transfer of church letter; those who transfer their membership from their previous church.